In regular Tibia, there are multiple ways to make your character more powerful. You can train your skills, grind out some levels, or get better gear. Here, in Archlight, we want to extend that, and so we have Stat Stones. Stats are powerful little items that give you a bonus of your choosing PERMANENTLY. You, as the player, can increase your power in a whole new way by finding Stat Stones all over Archlight in the methods outlined below. Whether you feel your character needs more Arcane knowledge to increase his spell damage, more strength to crush his enemies with his weapon, or maybe more health to make you nearly invincible, Stat Stones are a powerful way for you to customize and optimize your character.

Stat Stones
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- Obtained from killing

Legendary Creatures
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or by opening

Archlight Loot Crates
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This stone can be used to add one stat point to Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, Willpower, Arcane, Runemastery, Prescision and Haste to permanantly improve your characters stats
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Guide To Which Stats Are Preferred On Each Class (Guide Writen By Dreyus)


1. Haste > Haste is the most effective Stat for Berserkers. One of the biggest reasons for this is that a bulk of a Berserkers damage comes from melee. More Haste means more attacks which means more damage, but it also increases the rate that we heal with Life Steal because we heal with every attack. This double dipping makes Haste the number one stat for Berserkers.
2. Strength > Following the train of thought from haste, a lot of our damage comes from melee. Directly increasing that is one of the best ways of increasing our damage output.
3. Arcane > We may be big brutes, but we still like Spell Damage. Arcane effects the damage on our big Exoris and can go a long way in increasing our AoE damage.
4. Precision > The reason precision/crit might be below the others is that our crits depend on our damage. Getting 30% more damage sometimes is not as good as getting 30% more damage all the time by having more physical damage, for example. Overall, however, still a strong stat for berserkers and their fast, hard attacks.
5. Vitality > Vitality is very strong for berserkers and you may want to consider this above some of the other stats if you want to go a more defensive route. Vitality affects our max health and, much like haste, our max health is what determines how much we heal from Life Steal. Getting more life and healing more at the same time is a very powerful combination embodied in Vitality.
6. Restoration > Along the same lines as Vitality, if you feel you want to survive longer rather than deal more damage right away, you might consider this stat before crit or arcane. Restoration directly effects all our healing (life steal, uh, and exura ico) and is a solid way to help us stay alive. Vitality is still more important, however, because, like we've seen, our Life Steal is based on our hp pool and Restoration can scale better once we have more hp.
7. Intelligence > Useless for Berserkers. We're dumb and we like it. Other than a few spells, we are not at all reliant on our mana pool.


Arcane > To a lot of player's surprise, Monk damage is primarily spell damage. Our punches and kicks scale off our Fist Fighting skill, that's true, but each of our Flur attacks are actually spell based. For this reason, arcane is the most potent of stats to start off for monks.
Precision > If damage is what you're looking for and you've all but maxed out your Arcane, then crit is your next best friend. Our attacks may not hit that hard, but our lightning fast attack speed means that we're going to have more crits than any other vocation, even if they don't hit as hard.
Restoration > Being melee a Monk is going to take some damage. We have some nice armor and shielding, but it's always nice to be able to heal more. Restoration is the rawest form of heal increase for monks and will affect all our big spell heals, our Quest Runes, and even our Springs, all of which help us stay alive. Restoration is helping us that much more. If you're feeling more defensive, you can choose this over precision.
Vitality > Vitality is next on the list seeing as resto can only go so high. More vitality means we'll be able to take more of a beating from creatures that want us dead. And not to be the bearer of bad news, but that's all of them. Vitality helps us take a few more hits while we drill things down with our solid damage before something can do the same to us.
Haste > Haste being this low might surprise a few people, but Haste itself only affects our auto attacks. Being Monks, we don't rely on big weapon hits, we rely on our spells. Because of that, having a faster attack speed is just not that valuable. That being said, if you have nothing else to spend it on Haste would take an advantage over Strength because of the possibilities of Glyphs. Glyphs work off our attacks and having more attacks might mean just a little bit more damage.
Strength > Like we've discussed, physical is nowhere near the monk's school of thought. Our punches do great damage, but they are completely reliant on Spell Damage, not physical damage. Taking physical will increase your damage if you have absolutely nothing else to spend your stats on, but the increase will be very minimal. Our auto attacks are not what we care about and this is all this affects.
Intelligence > Monks have a sizeable mana pool to begin with and with our using of Greater Spirit Potions and the like, we are also constantly regenerating mana. Having more of it will almost never make a difference, making Intelligence worthless.


Restoration > The Guardian is the tank of Archlight. A lot of people would think health as most important for that, but it turns out that Guardians already have a buttload of health. The more important thing is being able to make use of that big health pool by being able to heal it effectively. If you're going for a typical, guardian, tanking build, restoration is your friend.
Vitality > Following up, Vitality gets its biggest use from Guardians. A straight health % bonus like this combined with the fact that Guardians already have the biggest health pool means that you're going to be able to take a lot of hits.
Arcane > The Guardian's primary damage comes from his strong AoE spells and their dots. Because of that, Arcane is the best damage stat for Guardians. If you're more concerned with damage than staying alive, you can take this over Restoration and Vitality, as it will substantially increase your damage output and hunting potential and almost double your damage when maxed out.
Precision > Precision would be the number two stat for damage. Once you've gotten your spells doing as much damage as possible, now you want those bigger numbers to start critting. Again, if you want to go a more damaging Guardian route rather than tanking, you can take this before restoration and Vitality, but not before Arcane.
Strength > The Guardian does use weapons, but their slower attack and the fact that they use one-handers means their melee will be doing much less damage than Berserkers. Strength does not provide a lot of damage, but it does give something if you have nothing else to spend your points on. In either a damaging or healing build, do not pick this stat before the previous four since it is rather weak.
Haste > Same as strength, Haste only really affects our auto attacks as Guardians and that is a very small amount of our damage. One of our worst stats.
Intelligence > The Guardian does use a lot of spells, but his mana is rarely an issue for him. Having more mana might come in handy, but considering regeneration from gear and promotions, you will likely never need the extra mana. Skip this stat.


Arcane > The bursty vocation, Archers rely heavily on their heavy-hitting spells that are on a rather short cooldown. Because of this, Arcane has a great influence on a good chunk of the Archer's damage potential.
Haste > Like the Berserker, the archer relies heavily on Life Steal to keep on living. Their health is not as high as their melee counterpart, but the faster attack speed still affects both the Archer's damage and his healing and makes Haste a powerful stat.
Precision > Archer's work with a lot of large numbers for their damage. Being able to multiply that damage with Critical Hits is very valuable and makes precision a valuable stat.
Strength > Archer's have a strong, consistent auto attack, making strength a sturdy choice to increase your damage.
Vitality > Vitality increases our health pool which increases our survivability and healing potential through Life Steal. If you're feeling like you die too easily, Vitality would be your go-to stat.
Restoration > This dips into our Life Steal, Healing Runes, and Healing Spells. This is a strong, over-all buff to healing that helps keep us alive and dealing our damage. A strong, second choice behind Vitality.
Intelligence > Mana is necessary for keeping Utito Aim and Exura San, but with our Greater Spirit like runes, our mana should never go down. Skip.


Arcane > Being a spellcaster, the Necro relies heavily on magic. Between their spells and runes, Arcane is the largest boost in damage.
Precision > The high amount of ticks from the Necro's spells means there will be a lot of damages happening at the same time, meaning there will be a lot of crits happening the more precision you get. This would be the next best damage increase for Necromancers.
Restoration > Necromancer's have a larger health pool than most casters. This means that their main concern comes from being able to heal that much. Restoration is a strong pick if you're worried about surviving more.
Vitality > Because of their bigger health pool, a necro benefits that much more from extra health %. Even though being able to heal more is important, Vitality is still very important and helps you take a few more hits.
Haste > A Necro will be attacking with their wand, but Haste would be the lowest of the damage increasing stats. It will increase our damage, but not by a lot. It is placed above Intelligence, however, since other casters can make more use of their mana with spells such as Exana Gran Restora.
Intelligence > Like we've talked about in Haste, mana is necessary for the Necro, but it just does not have as much utility as the other casters. Also, the increased health pool of the Necromancer means they will be less reliant on Mana Shield to survive to begin with. Intelligence can be useful if you find yourself draining mana, but it shouldn't be your main focus.
Strength > Useless for Casters.


Arcane > Basically everything a sorcerer does relies on magic damage. Arcane is a straight scaling to damage and is the best stat for Sorcerers, the damage caster.
Precision > Once our spells are hitting as hard as they can all the time with maxed arcane, it's not time to make a our big damage spells hit even harder with some crits now and then. Precision is the second best stat for sorcerers.
Restoration > We're squishy. It would be no surprise if we feel like we're having trouble surviving with a small health pool, but restoration should balance the damage we take and the damage we can heal.
Vitality > This is an important stat because it means we won't die in one hit. That being said, we get less from it because we have a lower health pool to begin with, so it is both important to help us stay alive, but not as valuable to us sorcerer's as it is a necro.
Intelligence > Mana is something we use a lot, and it can be very useful in emergency situations where we're going to be taking a lot of damage. With spells like Exana Gran Restora, having more mana is never a bad thing, but it is just not as useful as most of the other stats.
Haste > Not a very useful stat. Increases wand hits that deal minimum damage. Does increase damage, just not a lot. Avoid unless last, useful stat.
Strength > Useless for Casters.


Restoration > Our primary job as druid is to heal. Being able to heal both ourselves and our friends more means we become much more valuable.
Arcane > Damage is not our primary purpose, but we can still dish it out. All our damage is magical, so Arcane is the natural choice of the Druid. If you're looking far into the future and hoping to become a Shaman at Prestige 5, then you might consider this as your best stat. It's also important to note that Arcane will be the stat that will help you level the fastest as you kill things faster. That being said, Healing is still our role to begin with and restoration might still be more powerful.
Precision > If we decide to go the damage route, Precision follows Arcane closely.
Vitality > Crucial to increase our tiny health pool, but not as effective because we have a smaller health pool. Good stat to stay alive.
Intelligence > Like Sorcerers, mana is something we Druids use a lot, and it can be very useful in emergency situations where we're going to be taking a lot of damage. With spells like Exana Gran Restora, having more mana is never a bad thing, but it is just not as useful as most of the other stats.
Haste > Not a very useful stat. Increases wand hits that deal minimum damage. Does increase damage, just not a lot. Avoid unless last, useful stat.
Strength > Useless for Casters.


Restoration > We are healers, supporters, our first and almost only role is to make sure people stay alive. Restoration helps us do that.
Vitality > Keeping our friends alive is one thing, but we can't do that if we're dead. A bigger health pool will make sure we don't die to a mistake or massive AoE from bosses.
Arcane > It's not much, but we do do some magic damage. Arcane is the best way to increase what we have.
Precision > Being able to crit on some of our magic abilities could lead to a quicker kill meaning we'll have to do less healing in the long run.
Intelligence > Our mana is how we do damage and heal our friends. We have a boatload of it already, so getting more should not be a priority, but having more mana could be of use to get out of those sticky situations where the Tank dies and you need to book it out of there.
Haste > Not a very useful stat. Increases wand hits that deal minimum damage. Does increase damage, just not a lot. Avoid unless last, useful stat.
Strength > Useless for Casters.