Awakening is the process of leveling your character to the maximum allowed cap, and "unlocking" special attributes for your character to earn and use.
Right now, instead of prestiging where your character goes back to level 8, we have a soft level cap at 1500.
Once you awaken and grab all 3 promotions, you'll be able to Specialize your vocation gaining new powerful spells.

Awakening is an automatic process that occurs when you level, and requires no mats, un like Prestiges (old system). It imitates a leveling curve, while your character remains the same. No losing HP, Damage or other things!

Every 2 awakening levels you receive awakening stat point which you can add to any stat up to a cap of 50.
To add the available awakening points select the stat you want to put the points into and press the "Awakening" button.

Every 10 awakening levels you will receive an awakening spell point which allows you to upgrade your vocations spells to a maximum of 5 points. You receive your first point at awakening level 0.
Adding these points into a spell will increase their efficiency and once the spell reaches 5/5 it will turn into the "awakened" version of itself.
For example, Strong Spinning Blades will strike twice once awakened, 2nd time for 50% of the damage.
Go to the Awakened Spells page for more information regarding the specific spells.

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Item Turn-Ins

You can turn these items to the Rare Goods Collector east of depo. (The same npc that offers you a specialization)
external image Elemental_Spikes.gif
Rift shards
mining shards.gif
Mining Shards
farming shards.gif
Farming Shard
fish shards.gif
Fishing Shard
Dungeon Medal

Experience for Awakened Levels