"Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will your character. Archlight is a diverse and ever expanding server. It will take time for you to become powerful."

- Someone


For further information, please visit the vocations page.

~Quick Note~

Mage and guards weapons become two-handed.
Mages use staves and guardians use shields as their main weapons.





archer set.png

Single-Target DPS Assassin

Main DPS Spells:
Energy Arrow Spray (level 150)
Focused Shot (level 180)
Exori Gran Con (level 90)

Main Heal Spells:
Exura San (level 35)
Silver Spirit Potion Rune/Gold Spirit Potion Rune
Archer's Grace (level 250)

Archer example spells (1).gif


mage set.png

Buff/Support Class

Main DPS Spells:

Final Note (level 400)
Bard Wave (level 38)
Sound Explosion (level 60)
Main Heal Spells:
Regeneration Hymm (level 21)
Healing Hymm (level 50)

Clear State>Grasping
bard example spells (1).gif


zerker set.png

Aoe DPS/Off-tank

Main DPS Spells:
Spinning blades (level 45)
Strong Spinning Blades (level 175)
Final Showdown (level 650)

Main Heal Spells:
Exura ico (level 8)
Silver UH Rune/Golden UH Rune
Life Steal (level 50)

zerker example spells.gif


corsair gear.png

Hybrid Single/AOE DPS

Main DPS Spells:

Quick Draw (level 8)
Skull Cracker (level 60)
Cannon Barage (level 900)
Explosive Shot (level 1500)

Main Heal Spells:

Flask of Rum (level 8)
Bottle of Rum (level 100)


corsair second wave.gif


mage set.png

Hybrid DPS/Healer

Main DPS Spells:
Frozen Tundra (level 650)
Frost Grenade (level 110)
Frozen Combustion (level 220)
Exevo gran mas frigo (level 60)

Main Heal Spells:
Evocation (level 100)
Strong Evocation (level 350)

Clear State>Grasping
druid example spells (1).gif


guardian set.png

Main Tank/Protector

Main DPS Spells:
Sunfire Missile (level 8)
Sunfire (level 45)
Burst of Light (level 1500)
Blazing Light (level 1500)

Main Heal Spells:
Divine Intervention (level 1500)
Holy Flash (level 35)
Silver UH Rune/Golden UH Rune
Flash Heal (level 8) + (Enchant) Lifeleech
+Shield Wall (level 60)

guardian example spells.gif


monk set.png

Self Healer/Solo DPS + Summons

Main DPS Spells:
Min Flurry of Punches (level 8)
Flurry of Punches (level 80)
Strong Flurry of Punches (level 250)
Knockout Punch (level 650)
Main Heal Spells:
Quick Prayer (level 35)
Healing Spring (level 1000)
Silver GSP Rune/Golden GSP Rune
Strong Healing Spring (level 100)
Healing Spring (level 20)

Monk example spells.gif


mage set.png

Single-Target Caster + Summons

Main DPS Spells:
Reapers Touch (level 350)
Unholy Shackles (level 300)
Death Wave (level 38)
Gathering Fear (level 80)

Main Heal Spells:
Healing Ritual (level 20)

Clear State>Grasping
Necro example spells.gif


rogue gear.png

Single Target DPS

Main DPS Spells:

Shiv (level 8)
Reaping (level 100)
Viperfang (level 200)
Shadowfang (level 1000)
Slide and dice (level 1500)

Main Heal Spells:

Soothing Darkness (level 8)
Crimson Vial (level 80)


rogue reaping.gif


mage set.png

Magic AoE DPS

Main DPS Spells:
Vortex Breath (level 150)
Dragon Breath (level 150)
Pyroblast (level 650)
Exevo gran mas vis (level 55/AoE)
Exevo gran mas flam (level 60/AoE)

Main Heal Spells:
Evocation (level 100)
Strong Evocation (level 350)

Clear State>Grasping
sorc example spells (1).gif

Places of Importance (Archlight Town)

Starter Map.png


For further information, please visit the Tasks page.

The fastest way to level in Archlight is to do monster tasks, accompanied by completing the dungeons you are able to clear.
To start tasks, :

1) Enter the Portal with "Monsters" over it.

Monster TP.png

2) Speak to the Monster Hunter. Saying "hi", and then "task" brings up the task window, where you can select and view details on the available tasks.

external image 56f18f9331954f89baf79896e06274bd.png

3) Explore the monster spawn area. Easy spawns like Giant Spiders and Dragons can be found in 40+ area.
While stronger monsters, such as Black Knights and Hydras can be found in the 70+ Area

external image 6164aba9a4d346b59bf47b19e1561ffb.pngexternal image 3f2a2cab527c449680c7edd234f5505f.png

There is also a 8-50 Area, that contains weak monsters. There are really no beneficial Exp Tasks, though there are Stat Tasks located within each spawn.

external image 1fa169e64cb04ecf8feb08a5a31eb1f4.png


For more information, please check out the Stats page.

Stats are points received through various manners, that can be invested in your character to enhance specific areas.
There are 9 stat categories, and can all go to 100%.

Strength: Increases physical damage.
Vitality: Increases maximum health points.
Intelligence: Increases maximum mana points.
Arcane: Increases spell damage.
Precision: Increases critical hit chance.
Haste: Increases attack speed.
Restoration: Increases healing potential.
Runemastery: Increases rune damage.
Focus: increases wand damage.
Luck: Increases your loot rate.
Brewmastery: Increases the healing potential from potions.
Prosperity: Increases the chance for an essence to spawn.

Stats can be obtained through Stat Stones, Stat Tasks, Leveling, and various Holiday events.


For more information, please check out the Dungeons page.

If you die in a dungeon there is no penalty.
Each dungeon has a different layout, and method to getting to, and killing the boss. The enemies can vary from Bonebeasts, to Citadel Defenders.
Each boss must be killed, to open the reward room. Upon killing the boss, you have 2 minutes (120 seconds) to obtain your reward and exit, or you'll be sent back to the Depot.
Each dungeon can be completed once, every 6 hours. You get dungeon charges if you don't use the dungeon for 12 hours.

Rewards can include Stat Stones, Gold, Seeds, Unrefined Gems, Jester Addons, Mount Items, Equipment and Skill Scrolls.
Additionally, there is also a Stat Task in the first 7 dungeons.

You can enter the dungeons by the icon at the top of your screen on the left side.
After reaching level 1500 you can enter awakening level, and you can enter Greater Dungeons which will scale by you or your parties power level.


For more information, please check out the Quests page.

When you obtain about level 500+ or so, there are quests that can be completed for rewards varying from equipment to Vocation Promotions.
To get to the Quest Room, you can either type the "!travel" command, and select New Player Equipment Quests, or walk into the room from the Depot. The portal is located above the Trainers'.
If you can gather friends, you can complete the Annihilator.
Doing the Gold Emblem Rune & Weapon Quest(750 Quest) is a good beginner's goal, as it gives you a powerful weapon, and a new healing rune.


For more information, please check out the Promotions page.

As you promote your class, your character gains extra armor and damage, in addition to passive HP/MP regeneration.
The first Promotion can be found in the Ramparts, able to be solo'd around level 500.
The second Promotion, Heroic, can be obtained by continuing past the chest in ramparts.
The third and final Promotion, Warlord, can be obtained from the Warlord Promotion Quest.

Gold Nuggets

For more information, please check out the Gold Nugget page.

Gold Nuggets can be most commonly obtained through Hardcore Dungeon Boxes, or by looting monsters.
You can increase your Gold Nugget loot rate, or using an item such as the Anniversary Backpack.

They are used often as the main currency, and are used in Crafting, and they can also help you level your Awakening.
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For more information, please check out the Awakening page.

To awaken, you must obtain level 1500. After Awakening you will be able to choose a Specialization.

You will no longer receive HP/MP boosts however you will receive 1 awakening stat points for every 2 awakening levels you get. You can add those to any stat you desire up to a cap of 50.

You can get awakening experience by hunting or exchanging rare items with an npc.

There are a few things listed below that will tell you how and when to farm these rare items.

Make sure to do Rift Tasks when they open.

Do your daily Farming Tasks. Farming can be completed by going to the Horse on the west side of the Depot, heading to the Farmlands and buying a farm.
Unlocking the farm initially costs 3kk, and incrementally advances as you unlock more parts, at 7kk and 10kk for the next parts, respectively. Totaling 20kk.

Do your daily Fishing Tasks. Fishing tasks can be completed by fishing up Salt Water Fish, and turning them into the Fisherman.
Tasks reset daily and there is variety in the turn ins.

Do your daily Mining Tasks.

Clear Dungeons, kill Raid Bosses, or complete Master Taskmaster's tasks for Dungeon Medals.


For more information, please check out the Crafting page.

Crafting is an intrinsic part of the Archlight server. It is the method for which the best gear is obtained.
Through various sources, one can obtain and combine materials ranging from Awakening Dust, Rope Belts, and Gold Nuggets.
Professions such as Smelting, Tanning and Blacksmithing are required to combine everything.
In addition to armor, you can also learn Jewelcrafting and learn to refine Gems.

The completed items can be of astronomical power and importance to a character.
Items such as:
Mastercrafted Golden Helmet
Arm:12, skill value +52, protection all +7%, monster essence find +5%
Mastercrafted Golden Armor
Arm:14, skill value +52, protection all +7%, monster essence find +5%
Mastercrafted Golden Legs
Arm:9, skill value +52, protection all +7%, monster essence find +5%
Golden Boots
Arm:4, skill value +52, protection all +7%, monster essence find +5%


For more information, please check out the Events page.

Every hour, a new event activates. The events can vary from:

Upon winning/participating in the event, you receive Event Emblem. These can be used for a variety of things, and traded to other players.