To begin Blacksmithing go down the stairs inside depo, this will take you to the crafting area with all the crafting stations inside.

Blacksmithing skill gives stats at the following levels:

20 Skill = +1 Strength + Focus

40 Skill = +2 Strength + Focus

60 Skill = +3 Strength + Focus

70 Skill = +4 Strength + Focus

80 Skill = +5 Strength + Focus

90 Skill = +7 Strength + Focus

100 Skill = +10 Strength + Focus

110 Skill = +15 Strength + Focus

120 Skill = +25 Strength + Focus


external image latest?cb=20060804221546&path-prefix=enBlacksmithing Materials/Recipes

Basic Guide


After going through the teleporter in depot, head north to the blacksmithing anvil and use it to open up the blacksmithing window.


Here you will see a list of recipes that you can create.

Blacksmithing menu.jpg

Now you will see a list of materials needed to craft this item, however many materials needed for crafting can be mined. Press continue to craft the chosen item.

Dragon Ingot.jpg

Congratulations! You have crafted your first item! You have earned crafting experience that can be seen with !character and also on the highscores list.