Energy is another "currency" in Archlight. It is a personal value and can be used in many ways.
You can pull up this window ingame by using the energy button on the top of your screen. This shows all the ways energy can be earned and spent.
external image energyguide1.png

external image Jalape%C3%B1o_Pepper.gifJalapeƱo Peppers are one of the methods of getting energy. They are edible and each unit gives you 10 energy points. They can be planted and harvested at farmlands (see Farming).
external image Bunch_of_Sugar_Cane.gifBunch of Sugar Cane is another method to get energy. They are edible and each cane gives you 50 energy points. They can be bought at Archlight Shop, or by opening Wild Boxes.

You can capture nodes, which increases your overall damage by 0.10% permanently and costs 25 energy.
There are 100+ nodes in Archlight online, so expect to be getting atleast a 11.1% bonus damage if you collect them all.
If you feel like you're not regenerating enough energy, then you should try Awakening, they will increase energy regeneration. You can also buy guild energy regeneration perks to boost that even further.