Most Searched Items

  1. Gold Nugget
  2. Archlight Loot Crate
  3. Promotion Token
  4. Mysterious Box

Popular Items

external image Medal_of_Honour.gif
Archlight Dungeon Medal
Archlight Loot Crate.png
Archlight Loot Crate
external image Major_Crystalline_Token.gif
Archlight Token
external image Dragon_Eye.gif
Dragon Eye
external image Glass_of_Goo.gif
Glass of Rift Goo
external image Incantation_Scroll.gif
Incancation Scroll
Legendary Soil.png
Legendary Soil
Mastercraft Blueprints
Mastercraft Tools
Promotion Token
Rune Soil.png
Rune Soil
external image Case_of_Rust_Bugs.gif
Rusty Chest
Soul Soil.png
Soul Soil
external image Stone_of_Wisdom.gif
Stat Stones
Upgrade Stone.png
Upgrader Stone

Crafting Materials

external image latest?cb=20060804221546&path-prefix=en Blacksmithing Materials/Recipes
external image latest?cb=20080625224942&path-prefix=enAlchemy Materials/Recipes


Armor Sets
Dark Iron Helmet.png Adaptive Equipment

Jewellery & Trinkets



Plague_Bite.gifAxe Weapons
Maimer.gifClub Weapons
Impaler_of_the_Igniter.gifSword Weapon
Royal_Crossbow.gifDistance Weapons
Dream_Warden_Claw.gifFist Weapons
Heroes Dagger.pngDaggers

Exp Scrolls (Boosts your monster exp, scrolls of different % stackable.)

external image Spyreport.gifExperience Boosters

Relics (Each one increases your potion/rune healing by 10%. Effects of each one stack.)

external image Holy_Icon.gifRelics

Enchantments (Enchants a weapon/shield/ammo to have a special effect.)

external image latest?cb=20080507184526&path-prefix=enEnchantments

Runes & Elixirs

external image Supreme_Health_Potion.gif Elixirs

external image Golden_Rune_Emblem_%28UH%29.gif Healing Runes

external image latest?cb=20070713031320&path-prefix=enSoul Runes

Gems (Socket these into items with Regrade slots to empower them.)

Green_Gem.gif Gems


external image Elemental_Spikes.gif
Rift shards
mining shards.gif
Mining Shards
farming shards.gif
Farming Shard
fish shards.gif
Fishing Shard


Archlight Key.png
Archlight Key
Can be used to open Arclight Loot Crates.
Broken Archlight Key.png
Broken Archlight Key
5 can be crafted in to an Archlight Key.
external image latest?cb=20120114212750&path-prefix=en
Scarlet Key
Can be used to open Rusty Chests.
external image Key_3700.gif
Regrade Keys
Can be used to add gem slots to equipment.


external image Anniversary_Backpack.gif
Anniversary Backpack
Vol: 40
skill value +20, gn drop +50%

Can be obtained via Promotion Tokens.
external image Backpack_of_Holding.gif
Backpack of Holding
Vol: 24
external image Crown_Backpack.gif
Crown Backpack
Vol: 20
Skill value +12

Can be obtained from Tanning
external image Crystal_Backpack.gif
Crystal Backpack
Vol: 20
Skill value +22

Can be obtained from Tanning
external image latest?cb=20090625180139&path-prefix=en
Demon Backpack
Vol: 20
Skill value +18

Can be obtained from Tanning
external image Expedition_Backpack.gif
Expedition Backpack
Vol: 20
Skill value +5

Can be obtained from Tanning
external image latest?cb=20140615114425&path-prefix=en
Vol: 40
Skill value +15

A rare backpack from the Seven Trials Quest
external image Jewelled_Backpack.gif
Jewelled Backpack
Vol: 22

Can be obtained from the Token Exchanger NPC.
external image Moon_Backpack.gif
Moon Backpack
Vol: 40
Skill value +24

Can be obtained via promotion tokens.
external image Pannier_Backpack.gif
Pannier Backpack
Vol: 20
Protection earth +2%