To Begin Jewelcrafting go to the Mining & Crafting Teleporter in the depot. This will take you to an area that if you go below you can mine for rocklols, north you can Blacksmith, Smelt, Tan, or do Alchemy. You can go west to Jewelcraft.

Jewelcrafting skill gives stats at the following levels:

20 Skill = +1 Haste + Precision

40 Skill = +2 Haste + Precision

60 Skill = +3 Haste + Precision

70 Skill = +4 Haste + Precision

80 Skill = +5 Haste + Precision

90 Skill = +7 Haste + Precision

100 Skill = +10 Haste + Precision

110 Skill = +15 Haste + Precision

120 Skill = +25 Haste + Precision

You can craft basic Gems using jewelcrafting. Jewelcraftings best friend is blacksmithing, it is the main component in order to create some basic gems.


After going through the teleporter in depot, head west to the Jewelcrafting station and use it to open up the Jewelcrafting window.

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Here you will see a list of recipes you can create, let's look at the Gems section.
Jewelcrafting Example.jpg

Creating elemental gems is simple and easy however it does require the player to move around a lot. The main component of jewelcrafting is mining and black smithing, thats where the materials come from.

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List of Gems and their buffs.