Weapons and Armors can be upgraded through Upgrade Stones and Gems. However, unlike upgrade stones, Gems require a "slot". You can add slots to a weapon or armor by Regrading It.
To Regrade a Weapon or Armor you must obtain a Regrade Key, or buy them from the Token Exchanger Npc. You can buy up to Regrade Level 3 (Bronze + Silver + Golden Keys). The others keys are available through archlight store or quest boxes.

You need to regrade a weapon with each key for a new slot. This means that to ascend through regrade levels, you must use the keys in order. Bronze first, Silver second, Gold third, etc.

To get 7 regrade you need to use 7 of the different keys on one item.



Weapons and Armors can have a maximum of 7 slots with Regrade 7. Higher Regrading requires rarer keys, some which require blacksmithing.


Now that you have a regraded weapon, you can add different gems, in any combination, to your weapons/armors. Gems will give one of two different stats, and a random amount of that stat on use. In this example we will use an inferno gem (+0.5%-1% spellpower or physical power).



This is an example of a 5/5 Regrade Weapon fully gemmed.

What about if you dont like the Gem results, or want to change your gems based on what you are doing - perhaps you want more damage when solo hunting but more health when doing a dungeon? Gem Removers can be bought in-game or through our shop. These will remove every gemstone that is in a weapon or armor and give them back.