Medusa.gifEternal_Guardian.gifexternal image Glooth_Anemone.gifexternal image Swampling.gifexternal image Lava_Golem.gifexternal image Vulcongra.gifexternal image Weeper.gifexternal image Magma_Crawler.gifRifts are bursts of energy in the Archlight World that open a portal to another parallel world. All mobs inside of a Rift give 2x the experience of the same monster in the Archlight World, as well as giving 2x experience. All monsters inside the rift have a 3% chance to drop Archlight Tokens.
Rift teleport is located in the Depot, next to the Events portal

Rifts are separated by Prestige.

  • Rift for prestige 0
  • Rift for P1-5
  • Rift for P5-10
  • Rift for P10+

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Rift Shard Tasks

Rift Shards are necessary for prestiging, rift weapon crafting and Rift Trader special items.

You can get rift shards by completing the tasks handed out by the Taskmaster.

Image 7.png
Image 9.png

1. Rift Creatures

Monsters with weak damage and low health pool. You can find them at first floor.
500 creatures is a lot, so don't waste your time
Great task for lower level players.
Recomended level: 500+

2. Rift Elites

Monsters with medium damage, but high health pool (~100k). You can find them at rift portal:
Ice rift: +1 floor
Fire rift: -2 floor (under boss)
Earth rift: -2 floor (under boss)

Recomended level: 1500+

3. Rift Epics

Monsters with high damage and high health pool. You can find them behind special doors in rift portal.
Recomended level: 2000+ prestige 1 and good gear

If you didn't complete the tasks, you can continue in the next rift.

Rift Boss

Everytime a rift opens, a boss is summoned inside the rift.
The fire rift boss drops the Incantation scroll, a crucial ingredient for crafting the Rift gear. The earth and ice rift bosses drop Rift goo, also crucial for crafting.
NPC Rift Forger can create any of the Rift Weapons/Armors for you. These are among the highest damage weapons in the game, however they are very low on defense.

How to find Rift Boss?

Fire rift:

Image 13.png
Image 15.png

Earth rift:
Image 17.png
Image 19.png

Ice rift:
Boss is already near portal. Just step up first stairs north
Image 23.png

Rift WeaponsIngredient list (same for every weapon)
Item needed:
external image Crystal_Coin.gifCrystal Coin

external image Major_Crystalline_Token.gifArchlight Token

external image Elemental_Spikes.gifRift Shards

Medal_of_Honour.gifArchlight Dungeon Medal
external image Golden_Raid_Token.gifGolden Champion Medal

external image Gold_Nugget.gifGold Nugget

external image latest?cb=20140216123447&path-prefix=enIncantation Scroll

external image Glass_of_Goo.gifGlass of Rift Goo



external image Triple_Bolt_Crossbow.gif
Rift Crossbow
Range:6, Atk+20, Hit%+3
130.00 oz
Rift Bow
Range:5, Atk+20, Hit%+3
41.00 oz
Hellforged Axe
Atk:60, Def:5,
72.00 oz
Justice Seeker
Atk:60, Def:5,
72.00 oz
Atk:60, Def:5,
72.00 oz
external image Glooth_Axe.gif
Rift Axe
Atk:76, Def:5,
72.00 oz
external image Glooth_Blade.gif
Rift Blade
Atk:76, Def:5,
72.00 oz
external image Glooth_Club.gif
Rift Club
Atk:76, Def:5,
external image Lich_Staff.gif
Lich Staff
magic level +2, death dmg
27.00 oz
Rift Shield
Def:36, skill value +11,
protection all +5%, 84.00 oz
monster essence find +2%

Rift Crafting

The Rift Equipment can be finally crafted at the "Rift Forger" he is located directly in the Rift TP:
Rift Forger.jpg

Rift Trader

Also for rift shards, you can buy some unique items, stats stones, exp boosters and skill boosters
Gold = Rift Shards

Image 27.png

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Rift Timer:

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