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Considering this is a server like no other, we will provide you with all the information you will need to become a strong player, and get the most out of Archlight.
The Archlight community has a huge player base, just open the 'Help' channel and usually someone will respond fast.

Website: http://archlightonline.com/
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Need Help?

Contact the support on our facebook page or in our discord community.
Theres several active tutors whom you can message once you join our discord.

There are currently 7 Council Members on Archlight
  • CM Drumbomb
  • CM Chrisz
  • CM Zig Zag
  • CM Rufus
  • CM Finkelz
  • CM Hahstudios
  • CM Dhavii

and our one and only

Feel free to PM the tutors, CM's or GM on discord or in game if you need any help.

Wiki Moderators:

If you have any questions or concerns about the wiki, please get in touch with us on the Wiki, Discord, or in game.
  • Rufus#8771